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Buckminster Fuller discusses his concept for a world game
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Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Gaming


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Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Gaming


Earth Observatory and Gaming Complex

Tetworld's concept for a global gaming center is in actuality an Earth observatory.

That's exactly what it is--an observatory! The only difference is that rather than looking outward toward the stars, we are looking inward at Spaceship Earth from a place (in space) outward from the earth.

It's as if we turned the Hubble Space Telescope towards the earth--and instead of observing a planet rotating at 1,000 miles per hour, we are able to see the entirety of earth at a single moment (ala the Dymaxion Earth Display Map as shown below).

Where one can go and view and study conditions aboard the planet.The huge computing and display capabilities of the observatory will enable us to see where all the people and resources are, where the crops are today, where they were last year. Project conditions for next year. Where are the wind and hydropower resources--view migration patterns--watch planetary deforestation unfold before your eyes. Posit "what ifs". What an extraordinary resource it will be!

A global, planetary, earthian observatory of earth itself.

Quite apart from its integral value to global gaming--it stands alone as a needed, unique and vital resource for the planet.


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Our Planetary Home: Spaceship Earth

Buckminster Fuller Institute

The map above "Our Spaceship Earth" is a Trademark of Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI): Click here to visit the Institute and learn more about this map, and the life and work of Buckminster Fuller

Tetworld "Gameboard"--Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Air/Ocean Projection Map!

Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map: Click here to see the map in animation and to learn about why it is the best map of planet earth and an ideal global "gameboard"!


The artist's rendering of the Earth Observatory and Global Gaming CompleX depicted above is Tetworld's interpretation or version of Buckminster Fuller's original concept for a global game--"To Make The World Work For Everyone".


Introduction to Tetworld Peace Through Development Global Gaming Complex and Project

This observatory and gaming complex will serve as the prototype for a series of Tetworld observatories and gaming complexes to be placed regionally, around the world--each linked to the others.


These complexes will serve to support ongoing gaming "at a distance" via the internet and "in situ", teams "in residence"at the complexes.

They will also serve as Tetworld research and development locations.

We are seeking support and funding for the Earth Observatory and Gaming Center Complex--which will be housed in a domed structure (as illustrated on this page)--and the huge Dymaxion Maps will be tied into computers that will be able to generate and display a great variety and quantity of data about the earth, universe, environment, planetary life, resources, trends, etc., necessary and requisite to the game and to be used by teams and players to develop strategies leading to our goal of a "World That Works For Everyone"..


TetGame Gaming System

Tetworld's Quadtet Global Gaming System: Click here to visit Tetworld's Gaming and Systems Pages"!




Thank you for visiting the Tetworld Center--please return soon!

Thank you for visiting--please return soon.


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