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Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Gaming

Welcome to the Tetworld Center for Peace, Earth Observatory and Global Gaming Complex


Earth Observatory and Gaming Complex

Tetworld's concept for a global gaming center is in actuality a global observatory.

That's exactly what it is--an observatory! The only difference is that rather than looking outward toward the stars, we are looking inward at Spaceship Earth from a place (in space) outward from the earth.

It's as if we turned the Hubble Space Telescope towards the earth--and instead of observing a planet rotating at 1,000 miles per hour, we are able to see the entirety of earth at a single moment (ala the Dymaxion Earth Display Map as shown below).

Where one can go and view and study conditions aboard the planet.The huge computing and display capabilities of the observatory will enable us to see where all the people and resources are, where the crops are today, where they were last year. Project conditions for next year. Where are the wind and hydropower resources--view migration patterns--watch planetary deforestation unfold before your eyes. Posit "what ifs". What an extraordinary resource it will be!

A global, planetary, earthian observatory of earth itself.

Quite apart from its integral value to global gaming--it stands alone as a needed, unique and vital resource for the planet.

Visit the Tetworld Earth Observatory & Gaming Complex
View enlarged rendering of Observatory and the Introduction to the Global Game

The Tetworld Systems and Global Gaming Page
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The Tetworld: Peace Through Development Project is inspired by the concept of a global game (computer and internet based), as described by R. Buckminster Fuller, in his book, "Utopia or Oblivion", in which he proposed the idea that teams and players from around the world, gather (on the Internet) to "play" a computer-based game with the objective of "Making the World Work for Everyone"--for 100% of humanity.

The purpose of the Tetworld Project is to bring this inspired view into an operational reality.

The Tetworld Project and Game are presented for your consideration.



An artist's rendering by James Kelly--depicting the proposed and envisioned Tetworld Gaming Complex appears at the top of the page--more details can be seen at the Tetworld Gaming Complex/Center link.

The depiction of the Tetworld Tetrahedron above, is the Tetworld "gaming" system methodology. It is called the Quadtet System Design for Organization and Operations (QSD).

Please visit the links for an overview, rationale and details about the Center's Peace Through Development Project and Game.

An introduction to the Project, System Overview, Additional Links, Contact Information (email Tetworld, project address), How To Subscribe to the Tetworld Discussion Lists can be found at the Tetworld links section.



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