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Fractal "Black Tetrastar" compliments of Tetrica

Tetrahedron Links & Resources

Applied Systems Thinking
A systems paper
Tetworld Center for Peace and Global Gaming
A global, computer and internet based project
King Tet
Tetrahedron inspired multi-media and entertainment
Mithya Institute
Organizational Development and the Architecture of Learning
Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
Information on the tetrahedron
Logos Tetrahedron
A tetrahedron concert hall in Ghent
Tai Chi Tetrahedron--Meru Foundation
3-D geometric models and applications
Foundation for a new Consciousness, Chapter 6, Consciousness of Paradox
scroll to bottom of page for tetrahedron
Build a tetrahedron kite
use's 6 plastic McDonald's straws
Synergetics Concentric Hierarchy
The Tetrahedron
Science News Online
Art of the Tetrahedron
Tensegrity Jitterbug
Shows the transformation of a tetrahedron from positive to negative as the compression struts (tetra edges) rotate on cartesian(XYZ) axes of spin-a Quicktime movie
Platonic Solids
Starts with the tetrahedron--ends with the dodecahedron
CS 418: Laboratory 1--Cornell
Building a tetrahedron
Buckminster Fuller's invention the octet truss
Built from tetrahedra
Tetrahedron Park in British Columbia
Hiking and Biking the Tetrahedron Trail--pictures
D&M Pyramid
The tetrahedron resolves geometric ambiguity in cosmos
Beautiful Code and Fluidom
Java animations of various tetra--Genome, Mayan Timestar, Voxels
Interlocking Wooden Puzzles
Some tetrahedra
Center for Tetrahedron Studies
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Tetrahedron Trust
scroll down page for Tetrahedron Trust--see tetrahedron global project
Pascal's Pyramid or Pascal's Tetrahedron
tet's in profusion
The Leary Tetrahedron
Explorations in the "global optimum"
Again Glass
purchase a glass tetrahedron-from sacred geometry collection
An alternative generalist approach
Imagine Geometry--tetrahedron
"living" tetrahedral structures of consciousness
The Tetrahedron Revolution in Java
An animation of a rotating tetrahedron
Omniscient Home School Synergetics World Study Group
Significance of the Tetrahedron
Research concerning the tetrahedron
The tetrahedron and "crop circles"
Tetrahedrite (Copper Antimony Sulfide)
a mineral made of tetrahedra
Four-Space Visualization of 4D Objects
The tetrahedron is to the 4D raytracer what the triangle is to the 3D raytracer.
Business/Life Model, Tetrahedron/octahedron
A model for business
The Tetrahedron
A laser sculpture of a tetrahedron--at "Burning Man"
Tetrahedron of Silver Balls Models Chaos of Light
Laser light launched into a tetrahedron of silver balls forms a colorful fractal image. The image teaches scientists about chaos.
Achieving Peace: A new paradigm
"Tetrahedron and the Game"
Silica Tetrahedron
Silicon atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms. Silicates are formed using this silica tetrahedron as the building block.
Tetrahedron's Home Page
The hyperbolic tetrahedra are finding applications in cosmology as well as in quantum chaos.
Making a Tetrahedron--instructions
making a tetrahedron from a small envelope
Tetra Space Co-Ordinates
A tetrahedron-based system of space co-ordinates
A tetrahedron editor--a medical application
The analogue for 3D morphing is to divide a volume into tetrahedra.
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineerin
Automatic Mesh Generation with Tetrahedron Elements
Pitara for Kids--Matchstick Mecanno Page 5
The rigidity of the tetrahedron
Four Dimensional Tetrahedron
A sketch
This is a sketch of the relative position of the star tetrahedron field that exists around every human body
ZOHAR-The Celestial Tetrahedron
The first great subdivision of Universe
TetraHedonism is the fundamental unit of pure enjoyment of virtual 3D space.
The Fractal Tetrahedron
Viewer controlled animation of the Tetrahedron--java applet
Ancient Egypt and Hyperdimensional Physics
The double-tetrahedron and the Star Of David
Some Solid (Three-dimensional) Geometrical Facts about the Golden Section
Earth as a Tetrahedron spinning in space
Beautiful image in color--large 500KB load
Musical Selection--Tetrahedron
MP3--midi music
Non-linear Advice for Living
Uses 4 faces of tetrahedron for living a better life
Magnetic Toy
build a tetrahedron
Meshing a Tetrahedron--Sandia National Labs
The Napa Tetrahedron
Building sustainable communities
My Tetrahedron Experiment
He built a special tet--and noticed strange energy
Occult correspondances of the Platonic Solids
Java applet of "exploding" tetrahedron
A mechanical device for 3-D input
Excellent java applet of tetrahedron
you can move it around and around!
Animation shifting from tetrahedron to octahedronThis animation is a virtual representation of a physical tensegrity model that shifts from a tetrahedron to an octahedron.
A group of dissidents and revolutionaries who use a form of tetrahedron as their logo

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