Resume of recent "Shoots"

Of the more prominent users, since last November we have had the Dolly Parton Video "Salt In My Tears', Macy's Spring Fashions, a German Mail Order Catalogue 'Otto Versand" ( 1/3 owner of Spiegels), "American Male" Catalog fashions, 1999 Saab commercial, August issue of "Mirabella Magazine", due out July 15, and millenia crisis feature for "Details Magazine" due out soon.

Nissan 'Infiniti" commercial is now running on TV.. It is the Infiniti setting on the cracked lake botttom. This was our largest group to date, more than 60 people housed in 29 Palms for several days.They were going to shoot the part where the carbody is dropping through space but uncertainity as to the "Glide Path' when dropped from 12,000 feet caused them to do that one where there was plenty of low cost open space.

The commercial for the latest Mitsubishi car was shot June 30. It was staged to look like the ground was unevenly covered with snow. The movie "Love Story, 2000" is partly complete but the heat caused an interruption. It will be completed in October.

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