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Welcome to Tetworld!

The Tetworld: Peace Through Development Game is based upon the concept of a world game, as proposed by R. Buckminster Fuller, in his book, "Utopia or Oblivion" (1969), in which he proposes that teams and players from around the world, gather to "play" a computer-based game with the objective of "Making the World Work for Everyone"--for 100% of humanity.

Game Abstract:
The picture above is of a "Tetrahedron", a geometric polygon with 4 sides. The "conceptual", 4-dimensional tetrahedron, is the Tetworld "gameboard". Each "corner" of the gameboard tetrahedron has a different function.

  1. Corner A is "Essential and a Nuclear Simplex" and represents: Global Purpose and Integrity.

  2. Corner B is "Existential and an Operational Complex" and represents: Global Data Development.

  3. Corner C is "Substance and a Functional Singularity" and represents: Strategic Global Planning/Gaming.

  4. Corner D is "Evidence and a Diversified Plurality" and represents: Global Solutions/Applications.

  • Along the edges of the Tetworld gameboard flow specific kinds of information, to and from each corner to the other 3 corners.


The Tetworld Story: The most recent update of the Tetworld Story.
Achieving Peace: A New Paradigm (Part 1) : The Peace rationale for Tetworld
Achieving Peace (Part 2): Scarcity vs. Plenitude: The importance of Scarcity vs. Plenitude
Belize Country Profile, Part 1: An introduction to Belize, Central America
Belize Country Profile, Part 2: An introduction to Belize, Central America
Belize Country Profile, Part 3: Exhaustive overview of Belize, Central America
The Tetrahedron Trust: The Foundation For the Future also uses the tetrahedron

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Please return to Tetworld often, as changes and updates are ongoing. Specifically over the next several months, several new pages are planned including 1. An Essay--"Liberating the Future from the Past?" and, "Liberating the Past from the Future?" 2. A Proposal for Tetworld game startup 3. A Proposed Model/Prototype--Belize, Central America 4. How to Play?

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