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Mark Siegmund, Project Director

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Hello Volunteer Programmers,

Thanks for volunteering!

Below is a brief introduction to our programming/software needs and aspirations--the links at the bottom of the page are to provide you with an overview and introduction to those needs, and how the system is designed to work.

Briefly, here is a list in order of priority (although work out of sequence now on any of the areas would be invaluable to overall development):

1. to have an on-line animation of the tetsystem

2. to have the animation so that team players can actually use it (on-line) to do gaming, e.g., data/information would flow automatically from node to node (as described at several of the links below)

3. to develop and enable the dymaxion map to display data, e.g., on where for example are the hydroelectric power plants on the earth

4. to enable map data display directly from playing and using the tet system

5. to have part or all of the gaming sytem available as downloadable software to allow for regional, local, school, university "playing".

Any work that you would be interested in doing in any of the areas will be invaluable to our efforts, goal and mission to "Make the World Work for Everyone".

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you...


Mark Siegmund

Project Director

Important Links

Simple line drawing of the Tet system:
Large view of the Tet system:
Lufthansa java animation of our Tet system--we would like to have our own tet system animation which: is virtually identical to Lufthansa's--except of course for the text
See for numerical reporting codes:
See very bottom of the article for vertex reporting descriptions:
Large view of the Gaming Complex:
Large view of Dymaxion Map (our Gameboard):
See very bottom of page for description of the use of the gameboard: