Mrs. Mamma Named Times' Official Mascot

“Mrs. Momma” named Official Mascot of The Times!

Some of you may remember a few issues ago, we told the story of a mountain lioness who began visiting a local family, just after the war exercises began during the Gulf War.

At that time, there existed no photos of this splendid animal. Well, in November of this year, Bob W. who is a photographer and the owner of the property where this lioness has been visiting these many years, just happened to be sitting with his camera (equipped with a telephoto lens), near the watering pan, that he and his wife (we’ll call her Carol), keep full of water for all creatures, large and small--about a 100 yards from the entrance to their home.

As great good fortune and luck would have it, Mrs. Mamma appeared before him, just a few feet away from where he was sitting. While he was able to take the photo of her approaching the watering pan without using the flash, when she turned and looked right at him and right into the camera, he snapped the photo to the left, using the flash. I think that you will agree, that it is a truly rare and extraordinary portrait of a lioness--as few have been privileged to see.

Bob has quite a love for animals, and over the years that Mrs. Mamma has been visiting, they have developed a special and trusting relationship--which accounts for Bob being able to take this beautiful portrait of his friend, Mrs. Mamma...

While she is in the habit of visiting Bob and Carol almost every night--since she experienced the flash from the camera--she’s not been back. Bob thinks she’ll return soon.

Over the years, Bob said that she has brought 5 pairs of cubs to drink with her--so he knows that there are at least 10 mountain lions in them thar hills. We’ll let you know when she returns. (She returned the end of January)

Mrs. Momma is our mascot and will appear in every issue of The Wonder Valley Times--probably in a smaller size.

We are planning to have T-Shirts madeup with her picture on the front in full color. They’ll probaly be about $12, and proceeds will be used to support the times. They will be good quality and will have a front pocket.

Also available are beautiful 8 x 10 full color portraits of her on heavy stock--suitable for framing. They cost $1 if you pick them up--if you live out of the area, the cost will be $2.50 for postage and handling.

So far, 23 portraits have been sold. If you want to reserve a T-Shirt call, email or write The Times with your size, color preference and phone number.

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