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The Democratic Leader

Vol 1, No. 2 November, 2000 25 Cents 4 pages

The Democratic Leader

The East Morongo Basin Democratic Club

HC2 Box 434H2, 4800 Parker Rd., Wonder Valley, CA 92277

Tel/Fax: (760) 361-1780



* Jan Leja, Candidate for 65th Assembly District Investigated by State Attorney General! Press Release-- When Republican primary contender David O'Brien endorsed the candidacy of Democrat Ray Quinto for Assemblyman from the 65th Assembly District, he decried the shenanigans of his opponent, Jan Leja, who won the contest. He was alluding to the mailers in which Leja implied she had been endorsed by Democratic Governor Gray Davis, and irregularities related to the funding of her campaign. Early in the primary campaign, Leja filed a statement with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) that listed over $150,000 in campaign contributions. Republican candidate, Russell Bogh, challenged the accuracy of the report, and indicated the amount had been exaggerated to show Leja had widespread support in the 65th District. After a complaint was filed with the FPPC, Leja submitted an amended report that listed monetary contributions of approximately $5,000. The amended report also revealed that a check from Leja's husband for $50,000, which represented a loan, was lost for six months. Furthermore, the records show that State Senator Jim Brulte, in fact, loaned Leja $212,000 to cover most of her sizable campaign expenditures. Apparently Leja's campaign funding irregularities caused the state attorney general to conduct a formal investigation. On September 22, investigators from that agency examined her campaign files including those contained in office computers. The Campaign Statement filed by Leja with the FPPC for the period from 7-1 -00 through 9-30-00 reveals limited monetary contributions from supporters in the 65th Assembly District. Of the approximately $64,000 reported, 45% came from PACs with addresses across the nation. Only 17.5% of the contributions were from individuals, agencies or businesses located within the 65th District. These campaign funding irregularities and sources provide sufficient reason to question both Leja's integrity, and whose interests she would represent if to the Assembly. In stark contrast, the Quinto campaign has been a model of integrity and represents the values voters can expect him to employ in the Assembly. Monetary contributions to Ray Quinto's campaign have been for modest amounts, and, primarily, from residents and small businesses in the district. All residents can rest assured that Quinto will listen to them, and work for them in the Assembly. Furthermore, he has been endorsed by Gray Davis.--submitted by Friends of Ray Quinto.

WV Democratic Club Has New Name The Wonder Valley Democratic Club membership voted unanimously at the October meeting to change the club’s name to: East Morongo Basin Democratic Club to more accurately reflect the area that it serves. Many club members now come from the 29 Palms area.

* Candidate for 29 Palms City Council, Chuck Caplinger, addressing club members at October meeting This month’s meeting will feature as guest speaker, Professor Ray Johnson, former candidate for the 65th Assembly District. He also works as a consultant to political campaigns. The meeting will be on Thursday, November 2nd, at 6:30 pm--at the Wonder Valley Community Center, which is next to the Fire Station on Amboy Rd..

* Ray Quinto Makes Promise To Wonder Valley & The Basin Ray Quinto, candidate for the 65th Assembly District has promised that his first two acts as Assemblyman will be: 1) To make Amboy Road a State Highway under CALTRANS; 2) To build a Veteran’s Home in Riverside County (Ray is a retired Navy Captain--and Commandant of the V.A.). Ray has shown a lot of interest in Wonder Valley during his 7 visits to our community--and earlier this year at a ceremony at the Wonder Valley Fire Station presented 2 flags to Wonder Valley that had been flown at the U.S. Capitol--they are now flying atop our flagpole at the Fire Station.

Ray, and wife Pat (on right), at Rev. Lou Gerhardt’s birthday party (September 27th) at The Little Church of the Desert--about 150 people attended.

Ray and Pat Quinto & Family

Wonder Valley Voting Location The Wonder Valley location for voting is at the Wonder Valley Fire Station.

Campaign Sign Theft A Problem! No sooner did we place campaign signs in 29 Palms and Wonder Valley and they began disappearing. Of the 60 Quinto signs issued to our area, approximately 35 remain.

Did the Gore/Lieberman Campaign Mis-judge Democratic Strength in California? Bush/Cheney signs are everywhere! Yet, the Gore campaign felt so secure about California that they did not feel the need to issue campaign signs for our area. Was this a mistake?

Club Callers Busy, Busy, Busy! We’ve been flooding the phone lines with “be sure to vote for Gore/Lierberman, Feinstein and Quinto”. Our volunteers have been making a difference! Thank you all! Toni Ripley-Signs, Reg. Calling, Coordinating Nila Stein-Calling Anne Solomon-Calling Rae Noel-Calling George Morang-Calling Steve Sexson-Calling Percy Pellerin-Registration & Calling Donna Schutz-Registration & Calling Mark Siegmund-Registration, Signs Bob Ripley-Registration, Signs Ernesto Velarde-Signs, Registration,Calling Hazel Skinner-Signs, Calling Lou Gerhardt-Calling Mary Jennings-Calling Joe Moyzis-Calling, Canvassing Krista McVey-Reg., Calling If you can join in on the fun, contact Toni Ripley at: 367-6003.

New Meeting Scheule and Location Announced! Beginning with our December meeting, we will be trying something different. Even though the club had its beginnings in Wonder Valley, we know have many members from the 29 Palms area--in order to share opportunities of convenience for all, we will start a meeting schedule of alternating meeting locations. Our December meeting will be on Wednesday, December 6th, 6:30 pm at First Community Bank on Adobe Road in 29 Palms. We thank First Community Bank for making the meeting room available to us for free! The January meeting will again be in Wonder Valley at the Community Center. We pay $9 to use the building for our meeting.

Quinto Campaign Urgently Seeks Contributions For $150,000 in Matching Funds! The Quinto Campaign has a potential $150,000 fund matching grant. $50,000 in local contributions will trigger $150,000 in matching funds. Please donate as much as you can. Make checks payable to, “Friends of Ray Quinto”. Contact Toni Ripley at: 367-6003, or Mark Siegmund at: 361-1780 if you can help match funds.

East Morongo Basin Democratic Club Announces Official Voting Slate

President: Al Gore/Joe Leiberman U.S. Senate: Diane Feinstein 65th State Assembly District: Ray Quinto 29 Palms City Council: Chuck Caplinger Propositions Yes on Prop 32 Yes on Prop 33 Yes on Prop 34 No on Prop 35 Yes on Prop 36 No on Prop 37 No on Prop 38 Yes on Prop .. URGENT ...The Democratic National Committee released a shocking new Texas video on October 23, 2000 in 23 states to over 90 media markets. The video reveals, in alarming detail, George W. Bush's failures through the eyes of Texans. Go to to watch the video clips and read about Bush's troubling record.

GET INVOLVED-HELP KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING - SUPPORT THE 2000 DEMOCRATIC TICKET Al Gore is locked in the closest Presidential contest in modern history. With less than two weeks left until Election Day, the polls are tilting our way and we must keep up the momentum in this final push. But we can't do it without an immediate influx of campaign cash from committed Democrats like you. Please take a moment to click on the link below and make the most generous contribution you can afford. We can win for working families by electing Al Gore and Joe Lieberman and restoring Democratic majorities to the US House and Senate, but we can't do it without you.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH The election is getting close and the Republicans are getting desperate - we need your help to keep an eye on our opponents' activity. If you receive any suspicious or misleading mail, e-mail or phone calls, fill out this form so we can expose their dirty tricks. If you think you smell a rat, let us know at:

ON THE WEB-ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Al Gore to Raise Educational Standards for Every Child, Promote Choices for Every Family

SEND AN E-POSTCARD FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL DNC e-postcards are a great way to say hello and spread the Democratic word to your friends and colleagues. Share the spirit of this campaign by sending an online postcard:

GORE'S INSTANTMESSAGENET Introducing the newest feature on - the Gore/Lieberman InstantMessageNet! InstantMessageNet (IMN), is a means to communicate and amplify Al Gore's message and to enable members of the Gore/Lieberman online community to interact with one another directly. During the presidential debates and at other key moments over the coming weeks, the Gore/Lieberman IMN will be the place where you can get up-to-the-minute information on the campaign and engage in real-time discussions with other Gore/Lieberman supporters around the country. For more information on InstantMessageNet visit:

FREEDEM.COM Log on to, the Democratic National Committee's web portal and FREE ISP! FreeDEM is more than just a start-up page, it is a one-stop-shop for news, political information, shopping, e-mail, financial information and more! The DNC is committed to bridging the digital divide, and freeDEM helps us do that, by offering a FREE ISP to everyone, regardless of political preference or financial status. To download the free ISP go to: or call 1-877-6freeISP ****************************** DEMOCRATIC ACTIVIST NEWS


Proposes Decreasing the Federal Bureaucracy and Increasing Use of the Internet, Vice President Al Gore spoke Tuesday in Arkansas, telling audiences he would propose a four-year hiring freeze and increase the use of the Internet to create a 'smaller, smarter' federal government. Gore would put more government service online to avoid long lines and lengthy telephone calls. "You should never have to wait in line or get stuck on the phone to apply for a student loan or get information on how to choose the best public school for your child," Gore said. [Los Angeles Times, 10/25/00] To read the complete story visit:

To read more Democratic Activist News visit: ****************************** RIGHT WING AND WRONG


A study released Tuesday by the nonpartisan Rand Corp. raises questions about the claims Texas Governor George W. Bush has made about the success of education in Texas under his rule. Bush, who has tried to make education reform a cornerstone of his campaign, often claims that Texas test scores have shown great improvements under his watch. To read the complete story visit:

BUSH SOCIAL SECURITY PLAN SHOWS "FUNDAMENTAL MISUNDERSTANDING" OF RETIREMENT SYSTEM Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers criticized Texas Governor George W. Bush's Social Security plan, saying it shows a "fundamental misunderstanding" of the system. Summers said Bush's plan, which would allow younger workers to invest in private retirement accounts, would require either "large cuts" in benefits or billions of dollars in new revenue. To read the complete story visit:

To read more Right Wing and Wrong visit: ****************************** * * *

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