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Welcome to the Tetworld Center for Global Strategic Thinking!

We are looking for, and invite gifted persons who are curious, and/or interested in, "Making the World Work for Everyone".

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Please read all of the background pages linked here. Those pages of this website are organized as an introduction and background regarding the scope of the problem(s) to be addressed in our effort(s) to 'make the world work for everyone' .

Hoping to see you on the "other side"...

Part 1...Buckminster Fuller--1969:
"I propose that on this stretched-out, reliably accurate, world map of our Spaceship Earth a great world logistics game be played by introducing into the computers all the known inventory and whereabouts of the various metaphysical and physical resources of the Earth. (This inventory, which took forty years to develop to high perfection, is now housed at my headquarters.)

We would then enter into the computer all the inventory of human trends, known needs, and fundamental behavior characteristics.

I propose that individuals and teams would undertake to play the world game with those resources, behaviors, trends, vital needs, developmental desirables, and regenerative inspirations. The players as individuals or teams would each develop their own theory of how to make the total world work successfully for all of humanity. Each individual or team would play a theory through to the end of a predeclared program. It could be played with or without competitors.

The objective of the game would be to explore ways to make it possible for anybody and everybody in the human family to enjoy the total Earth without any human interfering with any other human and without any human gaining advantage at the expense of another.

To accomplish the game's objective the resources, pathways, and dwelling points around the surface of our 8,000-mile-diameter, spherical Spaceship Earth must be fully employed by the players in such a way that the world's individual humans would each be able to exercise complete actional discretion and would have such freedom of decision regarding the investment of their time in their waking hours that they would be able to travel independently, or in groups, either to and from locally or continuing intermittently on around the world, dwelling from time to time here or there, finding everywhere facilities to accomodate their needs in an uncompromising manner. The game would seek to use the world's resources, interprocesses, and evolutionary developments in such a way that all the foregoing would be possible."

Part 2
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