(the  diagram is  of a tetrahedron, the Tetworld "Gameboard")

Tetworld: Peace Through Development Game is inspired by a concept proposed by R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller, in Chapter 6, of his book "Utopia or Oblivion".The purpose and goal of the game is to, "Make the World Work for Everyone".

Tetworld: PeaceThroughDevelopment Game


This site is dedicated to R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller, a genius-visionary-original thinker and doer-geometer-architect-philosopher-global strategist-design scientist-explorer-pathfinder-inventor-poet-and humanity's great friend--all of which, sum-totally, synergistically, define him as a great "Man of Peace".

A "Man of Peace", whose vast,deep and brilliant legacy will nourish today, and over the generations to follow, the creation and building of a future for humanity which  will make the world "work" for everyone--for 100% of humanity.

It may be useful to think of Bucky's body of work, his legacy, as it may be seen today--as akin to a floating iceberg--10% visible above the water's surface and 90%  beneath the surface. As the original great mass of the iceberg melts, becomes smaller, releasing its great storage or impoundment of water to co-mingle with the sea, the remaining mass of the iceberg continues to rise above the surface so that the 10% that again becomes visible is always new. Some of the results of the co-mingling  of Bucky's already melted "iceberg" portion as part of that legacy, have already become important referents or guidelines in today's global vernacular:synergy,synergetics,"buckminsterfullerene",Spaceship Earth, "doing more with less", "geodesic".

What follows by way of a vision for the Tetworld Peace Through Development Game are quoted excerpts from Chapter 6, by Buckminster Fuller:

"To start with, here is an educational bombshell: Take from all of today's industrial nations all their industrial machinery and all their energy-distributing networks, and
leave them all their ideologies, all their political leaders, and all their political organizations and I can tell you that within six months two billion people will die of
starvation, having gone through great pain and deprivation along the way."

"However, if we leave the industrial machinery and their energy-distribution networks and leave them also all the people who have routine jobs operating the industrial
machinery and distributing its products, and we take away from all the industrial countries all their ideologies and all the politicians and political machine workers, people
would keep right on eating. Possibly getting on a little better than before."

"The fact is that now--for the first time in the history of man for the last (39) years, all the political theories and all the concepts of political functions--in any other
than secondary roles as housekeeping organizations--are completely obsolete. All of them were developed on the you-or-me basis. This whole realization than mankind
can and may be comprehensively successful is startling."

"In pursuance of this theme...we are going to undertake...a very extraordinary computerized program to be known as 'How to Make the World Work.'...we are going
to set up a great computer program...(into which will be introduced) the many variables now known to be operative in economics...where and how much of each class
of the physical resources; where are the people, what are the trendings--all kinds of trendings of world man?"

"Next we are going to set up a computer feeding game, called "How Do We Make the World Work?'...people from all over the world (will) play it. There will be
competitive teams...around the world...test(ing) their theories on how to make the world work. If a team resorts to political pressures to accelerate their advantages
and is not able to wait for the going gestation rates to validate their theory they are apt to be in trouble. When you get into politics you are very likely to get into war.
War is the ultimate tool of politics. If war develops the side inducing it loses the game."

"Essence of the world's working will be to make every man able to become a world citizen and able to enjoy the whole earth, going wherever he wants at any time, able
to take care of all the needs of all his forward days without any interference with any other man and never at the cost of another man's equal freedom and advantage.
The communication problem--of 'How to Make the World Work'--will become extremely popular the world around."

"(The players) who, forsaking the political expedient of attempting to reform man, are committed to reforming the environment in such a manner as to 'up' the
performance per each unit of invested world resources until so much more is accomplished with so much less that an even higher standard of living will be effected for
100% of humanity than is now realized by the 40% of humanity who may now be classified as economically and physically successful."

"'The game' will be hooked up with the now swiftly increasing major universities information network...augmented by the world-around satellite-scanned live
inventorying of vital data--the whereabouts and number of beef cattle around the surface of the entire earth--the exact condition of all the world's crops --the
interrelationship of the comprehensively scanned weather and the growing food supply of the entire earth are becoming manifest."

"In playing 'the game' the computer will remember all the plays made by previous players and will be able to remind each successive player of the ill fate of any poor
move he might contemplate making. But the ever-changing inventory might make possible today that which would not work yesterday. Therefore the successful
strategems of the live game will vary from day to day."

"The general-systems-theory controls of the game will be predicated upon employing within a closed system the world's continually updated total resource information
in closely specified network complexes designed to facilitate attainment, at the earliest possible date, by every human being of complete enjoyment of the total planet
earth, through the individual's optional traveling, tarrying, or dwelling here and there. This world-around freedom of living, work, study, and enjoyment must be
accomplished without any individual being physically or economically advantaged at the cost of another."

"Whichever player or team first attains total success for humanity wins the first round of gaming. There are alternate ways of attaining success. The one who attains it
in the shortest time wins the second round. Those who better the record at a later date win rounds 3, 4 and so on."

"It is my intention to initiate...anticipatory discussion of the necessary and desirable parameters to establish for playing the...game. (Players will be)...those who are
outstandingly capable of discussing these parameters...and known for their lack of bias as well as for their forward-looking competence and practical experience."
(end of Fuller's quoted remarks, Chapter 6)

The Tetworld: Peace Through Development Game, is inspired bythe aforementioned concept(s)--and is meant to provide both a locus for current discussions about
"necessary and desirable parameters", and, a basic "gameboard and rules" upon which this variant of agame may begin.

Plateau IV: Tetworld Rationale, Part 2

"What's in a name?" Tet is from the Greek "tettares" which means a combining form having 4 parts. It is also from "tetrahedron", which in geometry is a polyhedron
with 4 faces. The Tetworld "gameboard" is a tetrahedron. So, a tet(rahedron) gameboard + a world (game)=Tetworld.

As a "solid" 3-dimensional polygon, the tetrahedron looks like a pyramid, except the pyramid has 5 faces (the 4 "top" faces plus the base, or "bottom", face)--the
tetrahedron has 3 "top" faces plus the base, or "bottom" face. The tetrahedron is comprised of 4 equilateral triangles, or "faces", (each corner of each triangle is 60
degrees). In the regular tetrahedron, each of the four triangles (or faces) is identical to the others.

As a conceptual, or metaphysical polyhedron, the tetrahedron has no weight and no mass, therefore, it is not affected by gravity. The "solid", or physical tetrahedron has
weight and mass and therefore is affected by gravity. Earth-bound objects with mass, "rest" on some surface, a table or the ground for instance. A conceptual, or
metaphysical "object" does not have to "rest" on something--it may exist purely in the "mind's eye".

This distinction is important to the game and gameboard, because, if the gameboard was a "solid" object, in resting, it would appear to have a top and a bottom--and
this would suggest a social, economic or political hierarchy, in the same way that the pyramid is used to explain graphically the hierarchies of social and/or economic
layers or strata. The rich and powerful at the top, and the poor and powerless at the bottom.

However, the Tetworld gameboard tetrahedron is conceptual and metaphysical--floating in the mind's eye, not grounded by gravity. It has no natural top or bottom--it is non-hierarchical. In the game we are striving for "man's equal freedom and advantage"--a level non-hierarchical "playing field". Within this consideration at least, the conceptual gameboard, models, microcosmically, the (whole) goal.

 Early in this century, Albert Einstein was the first to informed us, that contrary to our long held view that matter was inert, devoid of energy, it was in fact, energy itself.
"Solids" being dense accretions of atomic energy. Energy=mass times the speed of light to the second power (i.e., squared). Suddenly, we were presented with a physical Universe and planet
Earth, ripe with omnipresent energy. In this physical universe, it turns out that the tetrahedron is the prime structure.

In his magnum opus, Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking (1977), Buckminster Fuller discusses some of the prime physical and metaphysical
attributes of the tetrahedron:

"In the conceptual process of developing the disciplines for carrying on the process of consideration, the process of temporarily putting aside the irrelevancies and
working more closely for the relationships between the components that are considered relevant, we find that a geometry of configuration emerges from our
awareness of the minimum considered componenets. A minimum constellation emerges from our preoccupation with getting rid of the irrelevancies. The geometry
appears out of pure conceptuality. We dismiss the irrelevancies in the search for understanding, and we finally come down to the minimum set that may form a system
to divide Universe into macrocosm and macrocosm, which is a set of four items of consideration. The minimum consideration is a fourstar affair that is tetrahedral.
Between the four stars that form the vertexes of the tetrahedron, which is the simplest system in Universe, there are six edges that constitute all the possible
relationships between those four stars."

"The tetrahedron occurs conceptually independent of events and independent of relative size."

"By tetrahedron, we mean the minimum thinkable set that would subdivide Universe and have the interconnectedness, where it comes back upon itself...The basic
structural unit of physical Universe quantation, tetrahedron has the fundamental prime number oneness."

"The tetrahedron is the first and simplest subdivision of Universe, because it could not have an insideness and an outsideness unless it had four vertexes and six
edges...The vertexial set of four local-events coincides with the requirements of quantum mathematics for four unique quanta numbers for each uniquely considerable

"The tetrahedron is a form of energy package."

"The tetrahedron is transformable...All of the definable structuring of Universe is tetrahedrally coordinate in rational number increments of the tetrahdedron."

"Organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry are both tetrahedrally coordinate. This relates to the thinking process where the fundamental configuration came out a
tetrahedron...We discover that nature is using tetrahdron in her fundamental formulation of the organic and inoganic chemistry. All structures are tetrahedrally based,
and we find our thoughts resolving themselves spontaneously into the tetrahedronas it comes to the generalization of the special cases that are the physics or the

"Substituting the word, TETRAHEDRON, for the number two completes my long attempt to convert all the previously unidentifiable integers of topology into geometrical
conceptuality. Thus we see both the rational energy quantum of physics and the topological tetrahedron of the isotropic vector matrix rationally accounting all physical
and metaphysical systems."

"When we get to something as simple as finding that the tetrahedron is the minimum thinkable set that subdivides Universe and has the relatedness, and when we can
establish that the organic chemist from an entirely different viewpoint found all the structuring of nature to be tetrahedrally contrived, in some cases vertex to vertex,
in others interlinked edge to edge, we find, as our thoughts go this way, that it is a very satisfying and enlightening experience." (end of quotations from Synergetics
by Buckminster Fuller)

Considering in the first instance the need for necessary and desirable parameters for the game, led to recognizing the need for an appropriate game design, system
and structure capable of "handling" the considerations and information processes required when playing. The process of considering on the one hand the desire and
objective of creating a viable game and on the other hand, Fuller's work in the "geometry of thinking" led to a spontaneous realization that the tetrahedron is the ideal
conceptual construct for the gameboard design--at least in its early, design and development phases.

Plateau V: Tetworld organizational/operational design and "gameboard"

The next step in the process, is to "fit" the "considered as required for playing the game" operational and organizational functions and aspects, to, and within, the
design parameters of the architecture of the gameboard's design. What follows is (1) the "taxonomy" of the teams and players as they assume organizational game
"assignments", and (2) the operational relationships that flow to and from the vertexial (corner) organizational functions along the edges (vectors) which lead from
each corner to the other 3 corners:

1. Each of the 4 vertexes (corners) represent the placement of essential operational functions, and are referred to respectively, as nodes A,B,C,D. The descriptors for
each of the 4 nodes are:

A: Essential, Nuclear Simplex, Global Purpose & Integrity

B: Existential, Operational Complex, Global Data Development

C: Substance, Functional Singularity, Strategic Global Gaming/Planning

D: Evidence, Diversified Plurality, Global Solutions/Applications through Outside "Touchpoint"

2. In the geometry of the tetrahedron there are a total of 6 lines, or edges, that connect each vertex (corner) to the other vertexes (corners).

However, in the Tetworld tetrahedral gameboard, energy (as information and/or ideas) is imported and exported to and from each corner to and from each of the other 3 corners.

This is a kind of phasing or fluxing of the system. Importing is a positive phasing and exporting is a negative phasing.

In this dynamic scenario, alternatively there are 6 positive (importing) edges or 6 negative (exporting) edges. Effectively creating 6 paired edges (one negative and one positive), or a total of 12 edges.

What follows are the functional relationships flowing from each of the 4 corners (nodes) A,B,C,Dalong the edges (vectors) of the Tetworld tetrahedral gameboard:

Node A: Essential-vectors 1,5,9 flow (radiate) out to and inform, nodes B,C,D

Vector 1:(from A to C)-Prospectus for growth and development in terms of (ito) capacitance (nuclear integrity)

Vector 5: (from A to B)-Continuous resonance of operational capacitance

Vector 9:(from A to D)-Concept of Dualism of "touch point" between the (whole) Whole and the world--the "bottom line"

Node B: Existential-vectors 4,6,11 flow (radiate) out to and inform, nodes A,C,D

Vector 4:(from B to C)-Fast plug-in contingency software/options for catastrophic events

Vector 6:(from B to A)-Continuous conservation of the nuclear ideal

Vector 11:(from B to D)-Regulation of "push-button" automation of responses to reiterative demands from in-house and "out there"

Node C: Substance-vectors 2,3,7 flow (radiate) out to and inform nodes A,B,D

Vector 2:(from C to A)-Strategies for optimization ito intent and purpose/capacitance

Vector 3:(from C to B)-Continuous update on world conditions--the "Field"

Vector 7:(from C to D)-Instructions re: "packaging" ito specific strategies. Scripts for ameliorating or reconstructing undesirable situations, anywhere and everywhere

Node D: Evidence-vectors 8,10,12 flow (radiate) out to and inform nodes A,B,C

Vector 8: (from D to C)-Versatility index ito multiple combinations and permutations of inventory items, i.e., "ability-to-respond" to a variety of demands--in house

Vector 10: (from D to A)-In-house summary of world needs and potential for global re-groupings

Vector 12: (from D to B)-Capacitance to deal with or provide "inventory items" suggested by possibilities uncovered thorough heuristic research--the deviant occurance
leading to wider horizons.

Plateau VI: Concluding Remarks/Invitation

This concludes the introduction to Tetworld and the Tetworld gameboard and "rules". Please check back at this posting often, as in the coming weeks and months it will
grow, as more details, ideas and comments are added, including hopefully some of your own. Your involvement in Tetworld's development is very much desired and needed, and offers in return the opportunity to co-create, co-author, "co-own" and ultimately to play "your" game.

The future of Tetworld seems promising, especially in light of the global reach of the Internet--capable of connecting players, developers, and on-line resources together from locations and nodes anywhere and everywhere on planet Earth. It may be that the gestation rate for a fecund and successful game startup was the 29 years that have passed since Bucky's original vision 1969 in "Utopia or Oblivion".

Thank you for your interest in Tetworld: Peace Through DevelopmentGame!

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