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Buckminster Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
please read this short book online and then return to Tetworld to begin playing the game
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 Here's the "gameboard"--Buckminster Fuller's invention and discovery...The Dymaxion Air Ocean Projection Map---with no visible distortions...the first, and only, accurate flat world map.

In order to prepare yourself with the background to become a global gamer and problem solver we recommend that you read Buckminster Fuller's short online book entitled, "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth" which can be accessed in the Tetworld Links section on the left side of this page. Upon completion of that book you should be able to answer or complete the quoted sentence below with a single word where the question mark (?) is located.

Here is the sentence from Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth that you will need to complete to discover the word. "You may very appropriately want to ask me how we are going to resolve the ever-acceleratingly dangerous impasse of world-opposed politicians and ideological dogmas. I answer, it will be resolved by the computer".

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