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1. Companeros de Baja Norte (or simply, Los Companeros or in English "The Partners").

A expatriate social-cultural club of about 350 members, who meet often during the month in a beautiful club-owned clubhouse located at: Mazatlan 256, Frac. Acapulco in Ensenda (near the beach). tel: 173-8420.

There are several Sunday Brunches each month--excellent lunches a couple of times per month. Cards and bingo. Many fun activities, parties and celebrations. Lots of work and commitment by the club members to support local charities and the underprivileged. Frequent "lunch-outs"--when members gather for lunch a different restaurants for new eating experiences and fellowship. A very active organization and a friendly and welcoming membership.

For more information contact Greta Smith at 176-6262 or by email at blossom@telnor.net