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Restaurant Reviews, etc.

1. Restaurant Review: I notice that in your guide, you don't have any restaurants listed and I'd like to suggest two. I was just down in Ensenada looking for property and I was referred to Casamar on the boulevard near the flag (sorry, can't be more specific). It's excellent. Good food, wonderful setting, moderately priced considering the service, presentation and quality. Another one is the Windjammer going east on the boulevard (Cardenas?) The main one anyway. I was there two times, the first time the presentation was amazing with a tomato rose and rice served to resemble a swan. The food, too, was high quality. Soup to die for. The second time, they were quite busy and the presentation lacked some of the exotic touches but the food was still as good.

Soon to move to the area....Jan Burg...May 14, 2004

2. We had lunch again yesterday at Antonello's--Obregon and 2nd right near the Casa Antigua. The owner is Sicilian and also operates a restaurant in the states. There is a choice of 4-5 entres...which seem different each day...try one or try them all! 2 soups. Salad...dressings, Italian, Ranch or Cilantro. The food is sooo good! The patio dining area...which sort of "hangs" over the street, is perfect, private and lush with bougainvillea (sp?). Cost=50 pesos which includes beverages (limonada or naranjada)...and of course, a choice of desserts. Serving: 1-4 pm Tues-Sat...from 11 am til 4 on Sunday (70 pesos). There's free parking in the lot kitty-corner from the restaurant. If you go, please give regards from Ernesto and Marco to the waiter, Elias (a Zapotecan Indian from Oaxaca). We may go again today....May 29, 2004

3. Sunday Buffet Ratings: ***** Rating System

Just returned from our first Sunday buffet at Windjammer (about $9).

It's now our most recent local favorite (next week perhaps some other place).

Ambience was nice...though the air circulation in the restaurant could be considerably better.

Had the best chilaquiles (my favorite item when good) yet. Excellent red sauce.

Ernesto thought the menudo superior. Nice array of fresh fruits and pasteles/postre.

Omeletes to order.

Service comparable to Las Rosas.

Overall, Las Rosas receives **** from both of us.

Overall rating for Windjammer: Ernesto ***1/2 Mark ***1/2

El Cid buffet receives and overall rating of ** 1/2 from both of us.

El Coral receives *** 1/2 from Ernesto and *** from me.

Las Palmas Hotel Buffet receives ** from Ernesto and ** from me.

Las Casuelas (in the hotel on Costera) receives ** from Ernesto and ** from me....May 29, 2004