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Isla de Todos Santos (All Saints Island)


Tips, How-to's

1. Internet service is available through Telnor and they offer a yearly rate of 1190 pesos. The phone number for the internet access is 01 800 025 2525 which is different from the main number. I think you press "5" for an English speaking operator. --Joan Martino 3/18/04

2. Wireless Internet Service & Translation Service--> In regards to internet service providers, i recommend Baja Wireless, they're at the Hotel Villamarina lobby, am their customer, i've had no problem, they work with DSL system, for about $35 dlls a month, fast and reliable connection, also, if you own a laptop, you can drive around town connected with a special "bunny" antenna they provide for your laptop. Or just spend sometime at a coffee shop doing your internet stuff while having your coffee.

Now, in regards to Translation services, am a certified translator and would be glad to help in translation or interpretation from Englisht to Spanish at a very low rate.

Hope this helps! Thanks!

Zoila Aviles Tel. (646) 176-3310 3/23/04

3. Las Segundas de Ensenada: Los Globos

When we moved to Ensenada full time we knew we could avoid the hassle of bringing down furniture and items for the house as all could be found very reasonably at Los Globos. Los Globos is an area east of the city where most of the used or second hand stores are located.

Los Globos is open every day of the week but it becomes much more festive and popular on the weekends when several of the side streets are blocked off and a street fair atmosphere prevails. There are many food and drink stands with tempting choices. And vendors selling everything from socks to spices. Take your time and meander amid the rows of merchandise, some new but most used. If it's an odd plumbing part you need more than likely it's here. Also there are many used tool vendors and lots of kitchen and cooking items. Not to be missed is the man selling an odd assortment of brass objects. There are also several vendors selling live plants. And it's one of the best places to pick up the indespensable bottled water stand or holder. In short, it's a great entertaining outing and shopping experience all in one.

The Centro Comercial Los Globos is an area bounded by Calle Nueve, Avenida Morelos, Calle Coral, and Avenida 5 de Mayo. Here are the furniture and appliance stores and an unusual assortment of second hand stores. Some of the stores are open every day but most are open only Thursday through Sunday. Thursday and Fridays are when the very overloaded trucks arrive with "new" merchandise and are greeted by excited shoppers looking for a special find.

After having shopped Los Globos for a few years we have a few tips: Be patient. The furniture item you're looking for might not be there this week. It has taken us a few years to select what we wanted for the house and we're still editing and upgrading. But if you see something you think you might like, buy it. Or it will be gone! And be flexible and not too rigid in what you think might work for your house. Bring measurements of desired pieces or room sizes with you. Remember, too, pieces can be painted, reupholstered and refinished at much less cost here than in the States. Tired of "brown" furniture? Pick up something you like and have it painted a vibrant color to make you realize you live in a vibrant and colorful country. And also realize that most of the vendors know prices and are competitive with one another. Bargaining is fine but most items are already fairly priced.

And bargains abound. We've found quality pieces from Henredon and Drexel at great prices.I've seen Aubusson-type rugs for a few dollars. Friends recently bought a marine print by a notable artist for a pittance and then saw a similiar one on E-bay for a few thousand dollars. Other friends found a wonderful walnut-framed contemporary painting for under twenty dollars which absolutely makes their living room. They also found new all cotton white dress shirts (Costco's Kirkland label) for two dollars a piece. Our neighbor spotted a porcelain figurine, small but gorgeous, from Dresden for fifty cents. And recently we were able to find a new, still in the box, attachment for our Kitchenaid mixer which would retail at sixty-five dollars. We got it for five. There are incredible buys. You just have to look.

To get to Los Globos take Avenida Reforma to Calle Nueve and head east on Nueve or 9th street. Continue for a few blocks till you reach Avenida Morelos. You will see the furniture and appliances overflowing onto the sidewalks. Park on the street or on weekends park in the parking lot for ten pesos. And have a wonderfully relaxing and very Mexican shopping experience....contribution by Ralph Dunn, Ensenada, Mexico...May 3, 2004