Gringo's Guide to Living Well in Ensenada, Mexico
Getting down to basics:


Getting down to basics:
Tips, How to's, Advice, Reviews, etc. from others

Some of the stuff I've learned that you may find useful.
1. According to a recent study, Mexicans are the 2nd happiest people on earth!

2. Mexicans are a very friendly and warm people.

3. It helps a lot to learn at least a few words of Spanish...and, the more you try, the more you learn

.4. The Mexican Judicial system is based on the Napoleonic Code...and you are considered guilty, until you can prove your innocence!

5. Mexican Auto Insurance is very important (especially if you have an auto accident and don't want to languish in jail--whether you are at fault or not). For about $150/yr you can obtain auto insurance that insures 2 drivers (no matter which car is being driven) with liability coverage. Our agent for auto and homeowner's insurance is Elena Bretts, who speaks perfect English, knows the local scene intimately and is very helpful. Send me an email and I will give you her contact information (including email address).

6. Get you telephone service through can at the same time choose internet service. Telnor main office is next to the Super Gigante on Reforma Blvd.--park in the Gigante parking lot and walk next door to Telnor (you can identify Telnor by the huge antenna tower).

7. Calling the U.S. using Telnor is expensive (about 50-70 cents per minute)...most of us use what is called a "call-back" service to make U.S. calls at a cost per minute of about 23 cents. Send me an email and I'll give you a contact email and/or internet address for a call-back service.Or you can use an internet search engine like Google--enter "call back service ensenada" and you will find a number of choices.

8. Many of us use a special mail handling service (U.S. mail goes to a U.S. mail address, then the mail is picked up in the U.S. and brought down to Ensenada daily Mon-Fri) can also send mail to the U.S. through this service.) It costs about $200 per year. We use P.O.Box International at the corner of Calle Sexta and Moctezuma, you can call them at: 178 3680 or 178 3678.

That's all at the moment...please check back frequently as we gather and add info.

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