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Expat's Guide to Living in Ensenada


When we moved to Ensenada almost full-time in September of 2003, we knew something about the city (having visited since 1970), and have lived before in "foreign" places (Mexico City and Belize), but not much about how to successfully establish our new home-base specifically in Ensenada.  What about electricity, water, gas, mail, auto and homeowner's insurance, telephone and internet service, location of ATM's/banking, good restaurants, markets, furniture and appliances, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, local customs, culture, etc., etc.?

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So, while we are somewhat experienced as "expatriates", we still have to learn the many and varied "highways and byways" of our new "home town".

We have been fortunate to meet lots of fellow American expats living here who have provided invaluable tips, referrals and advice; and we have connected with a couple of expat clubs which are invaluable resources. But mostly, it's been a learn-as-you-go experience settling-in here.  We're not complaining, quite to the contrary, it continues to be an interesting, fascinating and satisfying period of adjustment.

However, had we had a "handbook" of advice, how-to's, resources, etc.., we would have been much ahead of the game with respect to the "ease" and time requirements of our settling-in here.  We still have much to learn about Ensenada, and the sooner we answer many of the fundamental questions regarding the day-to-day necessities (and even vagaries) of life here, the sooner we can "kick-back" and enjoy all that is this wonderful and beautiful place called Ensenada.

Therefore, we are on a quest for all of the information we can gather and glean with respect to living easily and well in Ensenada...and as we gather that information it is our intention to share it with you and all others who are either planning a move to Ensenada, or, who have already had the great and good fortune to call Ensenada home.

The Plan:

1.  To create an ongoing compilation of useful information for living easily and well in Ensenada.
2.  To include as part of that compilation, our experiences and knowledge as we go forward living-the good-life in Ensenada.
3.  To invite you to participate by sharing your knowledge, tips, advice, referrals and experience, with us, and the others who may be seeking it.
4.  To "publish" the results of our compilation at this website, and, eventually in printed (paper) form to make available to all who want it.

An Invitation to Participate:


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