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Essential Gaming Links!

Node A
Global Purpose & Integrity
Node B
Global Data Development
Node C
Strategic Global Gaming
Node D
Global Solutions/Applications-"Touchpoint"
Buckminster Fuller talks about his world game concept

Welcome TetGame Players! Please familiarize yourself with the game overview and the description of each of the 4 nodes by visiting each of the links at the left side of this page.

Try to develop a "feel" for each of the nodes, and make a decision which node (A, B, C or D) you want to join--which node interests you the most?.

All players should join the Master Listbot, as it will enable each player to communicate with all other players at all nodes. To join this Master Listbot, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Topica subscription feature and enter your email address to subscribe/join.

Once we have a minimum of 1 player at each node (a minimum of 4 players), we will begin the game. Meanwhile, please familiarize yourself with as much of the content of the various Tetworld webpages as possible, and please communicate any questions, comments or observations via the Master Listbot. Thanks, Mark Siegmund, Tetworld Director.

This is the master listbot for gamers. All gameplayers should subscribe to this list as it will enable inter-nodal communications, e.g., node a players to node b players; node b players to node c players; node c players to node d players, etc..

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