Gringo's Guide to Living in Ensenada, Mexico
Getting down to basics:
Tips, How to's, Advice, Reviews, etc. from others

Everything you want and need to know about living easily, successfully and blissfully in Ensenada


When I moved to beautiful Ensenada almost full-time in September, 2003, I knew very little about the community, customs, culture and resources of Ensenada. What about mail delivery, phone service, drinking water...where to find a good furniture and to find a good mechanic, carpenter, plumber or electrician? How about homeowner's and auto insurance? Where to find a can of diced tomato, or horseradish sauce? Which restaurants serve the best food...have the best prices? Where can I use my debit card to get pesos? Who and where were other gringos?

Well, we're going to do something about it! Just like in the old days in the U.S. when a person from the Welcome Wagon would come to your house to welcome you to the community and give some aid in settling in, we are going to create on this website, and eventually in printed format, a resource guide for all of you who are planning to move, or are currently living in Ensenada.We will be collecting info from folks who know the Ensenada scene...perhaps you...and will be placing all of that vital information right here.We intend to be the Ensenada digital version of the Welcome Wagon!

Please send me (using the email link below)...your tips, Ensenada photos, advice, reviews, how to's...let me know if I can publish your information using your name...or if you would prefer to remain anonymous!Mil Gracias!The Grizzled Gringo