Republican O'Brien Endorses Quinto for Assembly!

Press Release September 21, 2000 "Although I was a Republican candidate for the 65th Assembly District in the primary election, I am supporting Democratic candidate, Ray Quinto, in the general election, November 7, 2000. 1 urge the many who voted for me and other Republicans and Independents" to do likewise.

I believe Quinto's many years of dedicated community leadership, and his personal integrity make him the clear choice over his Republican opponent, Jan Leja. The primary results for Beaumont, where Leja has been mayor for several years, and nearby Cherry Valley plus the shenanigan engaged in during the campaign have caused me to conclude that her election would not serve the best interests of the 65'h Assembly District. Leja clearly misled the public, as well as we other candidates by grossly over reporting her monetary support. This significantly disadvantaged after primary opponents, as d clearly was designed to do.

Leja received fewer votes in Beaumont than the third Republican candidate, Russell Bogh. In Cherry Valley, the vote was overwhelmingly against her for what they evidently perceived as her pro-development addiction. It appears the more people know about Leja, the less likely she is to win their trust and support. Bogh reportedly researched Leja's attendance as an executive committee member of the Western Regional Council of Governments, and found she had missed over 60% of the meetings.

Leja published two mailers that strongly implied she had the endorsement of Governor Gray Davis when, in fact, the Governor endorsed Ray Quinto.

We must put an end to this arrogance and insensibility of the professional politicians in our area. They have allowed special interests to influence their votes to our extreme detriment both in Sacramento and local governmental agencies. Have they no shame?

It is for these reasons and many more that I think Ray Quinto is the best choice for the 65th Assembly District. He is a man of great honesty, integrity, and dedication with a distinguished military record who served his country with great honor. He has been at the forefront in veterans issues, senior citizen concerns, law enforcement, and education. Quinto MI represent all of the people in the district fairly, and not just special interest groups who have such a severe grip on our professional politicians of this area.

We need a fresh, new voice in Sacramento that is not encumbered with old alliances that in many critical areas are at odds with the will of the voters. Ray Quinto is the most qualified candidate for this job."

David W. O'Brien P.O. Box 3509 Covina, CA 9172 2 (909) 601-9844

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