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Table of Contents: Peace is the Only Way

Letters 2

Towards a Global Philosophy: Key to Peace - Karan Singh 3

Babblefish: Promoting World Peace through Global Communications - Johnny Jaskot 5

Universities Branch Out: From their Student Body to their Research Practices 7

Academic Boycotts NO! - R. Bowen 9

Nearly Twenty One Days to Peace: On a Retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh - David Nelson 10

Anonymous; My First Teacher - Jacqueline Holiday 13

Interview with Takeshi Utsumi - Interview by Parker Rossman 16

Reflections on Wealth and Poverty - Rob Cochran; Alfonso Godinez 20

Shibui - Carol Miller 22

Transforming Academic Globalization into Globalization for All - M. F. Ramalhoto 24

Peace Education: Viewpoints of Primary School Students about Peace - Erten Gokce 30

The Elusive Quest for Peace - D. Ogbaharya 37

The Continuing Process of Cultural Adjustment - Masika Smith 39

Plato Writes on the Danger of Writing – Joan Boyle 41

The Promise of Technology Versus the Pastorial Ideal: Emerson’s Conflict of Mankind in Nature - G. T. Lumpkin 45

Chandalika; Tagore - Jayana Clerk ; Making Cranes with Kelly 47

Modern Thought, Ancient Wisdom - A. Pais 52

Reflections on Fear and Unity - David Zwillick 53

Astrology and Spirituality - Chakrapani Ullal 56

Meditation on the Self and Super Consciousness - Swami Jyotirmayananda; Love Your Parents - Shyam Sunder 5 8

Legal Humanities

U.S. Congress Approves Highest Civilian Honor for Dalai Lama; Indian on Top at UN 62

McDonald’s Fries: Not Done Yet 63

Iran, International Law and Nuclear Power - David Krieger 65

The Right to a Nuclear Free World - Mairead Macquire 66

Recent Developments in Nuclear Fuel Cycle - Ron Hardert 67

Deployed Husbands, Waiting Wives - A. Kennedy 72

Nuclear Power’s Sick Legacy - Helen Caldicot 74

No Baby is Born to Hurt Someone - Hetty Van Gurp 75

Medical Humanities

About Arthritis - M. Bowmar 78

Tea Time (Tea and Cancer) - Roderick Dashwood 80

Lymphedema Awarenes – Susan Enerson 83

Nutrition, Water, Carbohydrates, Glycogen, et al: Santa Fe Epiphany - Ron Hardert 86

Physical Therapists say Tottering on High Heels Puts Women at Risk 88

By the Way Doctor - A. Kamaroff. 88

Compassion Fatigue - S. Vassons 89

Compression Stockings; How Hosiery can Help Circulation and Leg Swelling 89

What is Bone? 90

Balancing Painful Swelling - S. Berger 90

Chronic Vulvar Pain: It can be Helped 92

Study Stirs Debate About Low-fat Diet and Reduction of Disease Risk 93

How Clean is your Pool? - Isadore Rosenfeld 93

Embedded: A No-hold Report from a Nursing Home 94

Book Reviews 98-104 On the Mother; The Indian Spirit and the World’s Future; Prophet: The Hatmaker’s Son, The Life of Robert Muller; Nuclear Power is not the Answer; Sanskrit and Evolution of Human Speech, Based on Sri Aurobindo’s Linguistic Theory; We Will not Cease; Today is not a Good Day for War; Peace; Two Film Reviews: Deepa Mehta’s and Urvashi Butalia’s The Other Side of Silence

List of IJHP Annual Publications 106

Taima Mandala (Front Cover Symbology; Kujaku Myo Maha-Mayuri (Backcover Symbology) - Vasant Merchant 107

Peace is a Blossom - “Poem” Vasant Merchant 108

The Infinite Creator: Muruga - “My Lord Shiva in Action”- Arjunan Subramaniam 109