2003 Table of Contents

Volume 19, No: 1 2003


Table of Contents: Dialogue Among Civilizations: Peace, Sustainability and Development

Letters 2

Siva: Nataraja – the Lord of Dance, Drama and Music; Siva as Transformer – Liberator – Vasant V. Merchant 3

Science and Beyond: Cosmology, Consciousness and Technology – Karan Singh 5

Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 2003 6

Letter to the Nobel Foundation 7

Jimmy Carter, Nobel Lecture, Oslo, December 2002 8

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s Message on Anniversary of September 11, 2001 11

Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland on Human Rights 12

National Leadership, Education and Understanding Among Nations – Dickson Mungazi 13

The Humanities-Based Classroom: An Oasis in a Standardized Desert – Jay Cravath 19

Education, Telecommunications and the Arts – Ada Aharoni 23

Today is Not a Good Day for War (poem) – David Krieger 27

Linking Universities and Biosphere Reserves: Creating Global Bio-medical, Society Living Laboratory – John D. Peine and David A. Johnson 28

What Can We Do For Our Earth? – Ida Harrison; Praise to the Gull – R.M. Hamma 37

Promotion of Peace and Sustainability – Community based Eco-cultural Tourism – G. Poyya moli 40

Bangladesh Slums Demand Access to Clean Water – Mollika Wahab 46

An Ecological View of River Civilizations and India – David Frawley 48

Salt Produced from Vegetables; Bhimbetka Caves on UNESCO List 49

Depression Among Students: A Challenge for Educational Leadership – Wlm W. Bostock 50

Knowledge, Sustainability and Peace – T.M. Srinivasan; Eagle Poem 53

Hopi Shooting Stars: Mindfulness in Education – David M. Nelson 59

Peace and Equality Themes in Popular Music – Ronald and Linda Hardert 61

Rural Aging, Women, Faith in Action, and fertilizer of Vertical Kind – Karen Bump, S. Harris, S. Jones 64

Embodying Heaven and Earth: A Radiant Model of Transformation – George Breed 70

Beauty and Evolution – Wlm M. Burke 75

What Victory? – David Krieger 78

Jupiter – The Divine Guru – Chakrapani Ullal 79

Yoga and Its Part in the Divine Plan – Sri Aurobindo 82

Bharat Natyam: Classical Indian Dance, A Hindu Fractal – Sofia Diaz 83


Lawyers doing Good Deeds? It Happens More Than You Would Guess – Ellen Seaborne 89

Unspeakable Conversations of A Token Cripple at Princeton University – H.M. Johnson 90

Legal Aid Group Still Has Much Work To Do; New Mexico Artist brings Peace and Loyalty to Olympics 97

Americans with Disabilities Act and Accommodating Employees with Hidden Disabilities 98

MEDICAL HUMANITIES An Ayurvedic Perspective on Anger Management – Shannon Mooney 99

Interview: Sitting Down with Dr. Robert Svoboda – Julie Deife 100

Astronomy Technology Helps Vision and Eye Disease Diagnoses – Rick Callahan 102

Meditation-based program for Tennis Players; Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Needs Help. 103

Technologies of the Sacred –Part III – Stanislav Grof 104


Beginning on page 107

Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously: Economic Development, Environment and Quality of Life and Comparative Environmental Policy; The Mission of the Scholar: A Tribute to Nelson Haggerson; Narrative based evaluation; Wording Toward the Light; Unexpected Harvest: A Journey in Four Seasons; Health and Nutrition Secrets that can Save Your Life; Aging Graciously; The Ozawkie Book of the Dead; Alzheimer’s Isn’t What You Think It Is!; Giving and Living; By Means of Performance: Intercultural Studies of Theatre and Ritual; Remapping Memory; Politics of Time-Space; When Life Nearly Died: the Greatest Mass Extinction of All Time; Sri Aurobindo and Sanskrit


Integral Relaxation-Hatha Yoga---Swami Jyotirmayananda (inside back cover); My Heart Dances Like a Peacock in the Rain (Poem)Rabindranath Tagore (outside back).