The Wonder Valley County Advisory Commission

Pictured above are the 5 current CSA70M Wonder Valley Advisory Commission--they are, left to right:

Commissioner Emmet Lawrence, Chair

Commissioner Adolph Quamme

Commissioner Kathy Fairweather, Vice-Chair

Commissioner Ted Meyers

Commissioner Mark Siegmund

Terms of office are 4 years, renewable for an additional 4 years.

All commissioners are appointed by the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, upon the recommendation of the First District Supervisor. The current is, First District Supervisor Kathy Davis.

This is a new page, and will develop over time.

It is this commissioner's effort to inform the community about its commission and commissioners--and to present information about the work of the commission, its concerns, and responsibilities.

Please do not hesistate to contact me for further information--or to express your ideas and/or concerns.

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Mark Siegmund

Wonder Valley Commissioner

There are 3 ways that you can contact me:

1. Email me at:

2. Write me at: HC2 Box 434H2, Wonder Valley 92277

3. Call me at: (760) 361-1780

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Commissioner Mark Siegmund
HC2 Box 434H2
Wonder Valley, CA 92277
United States