Dear Carlos,

I am so grateful for Gloria's introduction...and for your kind reply to my inquiry.

Please know that I am available to you for any assistance I may be able to provide that is related to your project about Bridget.

My relationship with Bridget was personal and not related to her art in any direct way--however, due to Gloria's excellent article about Bridget, I have come to realize that she was an important, perhaps very important, artist. Therefore, I am eager to learn all that is possible about her work. Completion of your project may be instrumental in establishing Bridget as the important artist that she was.

We both wish to honor Bridget, and I feel that we have now established the beginnings of an important relationship to do just that--each in our own way--each complimenting the work of the other.

I am very excited in anticipation of receiving the materials you have mentioned...and expect that within a few weeks of having them, I will be able to place them on various pages of Bridget's website

It is my hope and desire that you will be available to comment, critique and advise on those webpage's content, appearance and design.

Thank you so very much for your warmth and generosity and assistance in making Bridget's website and pages an early reality.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Siegmund

Tel: 760-361-1780 o 760-665-8044

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