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Peace Is A Blossom

Peace is a Blossom

Peace is a flower

That grows on a bower

Peace is a seed,

Peace is a need

Peace is a deed.

Whether in a clover

Or in a tower

Peace is a flower

Peace is inner

Peace is outer

Peace is being

Peace is becoming.

Peace is a. condition

Of affect dimension

A conation and cognition.

Peace is consciousness

Of an integral realization

Of a contentment,

A fulfillment and transformation.

'Peace is its own witness

And a calm and a repose

A balance of the intelligence

Of the head and the heart,

An intuitive understanding

Born of wisdom and ccompassion,

A harmony and bliss that transcends opposites,

Unites contraries into a muse

Of silence, the sound of all sounds,

And tunes without singing

Or unfolds without speaking

And is, without doing.

'Peace is unalloyed Bliss

Peace is Love and Faith

And righteousness' kiss

Peace in the integral, Being

Is consciousness of Love and light

That passeth understanding -

Peace is here and now...

Peace is temporal and eternal

That transcends Time and Death,

That links Past, Present and the Future.

Peace is awesome

Peace is a Blossom

Peace is a Flower

--Vasant V. Merchant