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Our Beach House is for Sale!

$112,500 cash

Live your beach and champagne dreams at a truly incredible price!

Ensenada sunset taken from our patio.

We've just taken photos of our beach front house in Ensenada, and are posting them here .

Here are several street side views of the house...entry is through the steel security gate in the wall...entry then is into the courtyard and the house

Here's the beach and ocean view from our house...downtown Ensenada can be seen on the right.


Here's a view of the living room...the fireplace is faced with quartz rock

Here is our computer work area off the living room.

Here is the dining room area.

Master Bedroom...note door to master bathroom on the right.

The Master Bedroom opens directly out to the beach patio...and looks out directly onto the beach and the ocean.

Large guest bedroom...there is a king size bed behind the loveseat...the windows face directly out on the patio, beach and ocean.


Guest Bath

Here are a few facts and some additional information about the house:

1. It is about 2000 sq. ft.

2. It was built in 1972

3. It sets directly on the beach, on a beach overlook about 12 ft. above the surf high tide the house is about 160' from the water merely walk out from the patio area to the sea.

4. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 full is in the master bedroom. The MBR, and 2 other bedrooms look out directly onto the beach and ocean.

5 The front entrance to the house is through a steel security door, which is set in a 7' high cement wall...which opens into an inner courtyard...the beachfront patio area (about 50' x 20') is enclosed by an 8' chain link security fence and fence door. All doors and windows are protected by security ironwork.

6. The house is extremely private and at the end of the is the largest house, with the largest lot, on the beachfront in our gated residential compound.

7. We own the house (one of about a 100 in our gated community--about 20 are fronted on the beach), but lease the lot (as does everyone else). We pay a monthly lease of $272, which includes water, electricity, trash and 24hr. security personnel.

8. Purchasing this house, or any house, in the compound is a simple matter (it's like buying a car or a television). There is no legal formalities of any kind...(other than an exchange of cash from the buyer to the seller, and the issuance of a bill of sale from the seller to the buyer). Once the deal is complete, the house is yours. The seller notifies the Lease Owner of the sale, and a transfer of the lease is made from the seller to the new owner. That's all there is to it! This has been the method for owning/buying/selling homes in the compound for decades. As a consequence, Americans can own a home (but not the land) directly on the beach. Assuredly, a million dollar deal!

9. We are situated about a mile south (as the crow flies) from the downtown port (where the cruise ships dock), Costera Blvd, and 1st Street where all the smart shops, galleries and restaurants are.

10. The beautiful beach stretches both to the north and south of us for about 7 miles. Much of it undeveloped.

11. The price for this extraordinary opportunity to live on the beach in Ensenada, Mexico is $112,500 cash. Contact us by email, telephone or snail mail.


"It's a bit cloudy today, but the water's about a swim?"

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