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Welcome to the Tetworld Center Global Advisory Committee!

Thank you for accepting the invitation to become a member of the Tetworld Center Global Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee uses its own mailing list/listbot to maintain communications between members, and you are requested to join the Advisory Committee listbot at the Join ListBot feature below.

Please join with your name (e.g., first & last name) as you wish it to appear on the list of Advisory Committee Members.

 Join AdComm! 

Either before or after joining the AdComm Listbot,

Please click here to send me an email listing your
name as you want it to appear, your city and/or
country, and your title and/or occupation.

If you want your email address to appear with your listing please include it in the email.

Sample listing: Joan Doe, Dance Instructor, Buenos Aires, Argentina, dance@hotmail.com or John Doe, Professor of Economics, University of Calgary, Canada, prof@calgary.edu.ca

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