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IJHP 2005 Table of Contents


Table of Contents: Making a Difference

Letters 1

The Yoga of Pilgrimage - Vasant V. Merchant 2

Global Partnership for Development - Karan Singh 4

Mohamed El Baradei-Nobel Lecture 7

World Leaders Discuss the Development Agenda; Winning the Peace: Time is of the Essence 10

Addressing Bullying in School: What Can Educators and Parents Do To Create A Safe Environment - Haws, Tennille 13

Do "Transformative" Research Approaches Make a Difference, And If So, How Do We Know? - N. Hagerson et al. 18

The Folklore of Jamin & Kasmir – Somnath Dhar 24

The Way To A Meaningful Marriage: Dalai Lama Collaborates with ACA Counselors 26

Peace and Sustainable Development Will rise or Fall Together – David Krieger 28

The Tsunami and the Brandt Report - M.Mesbahi 30

Case for Basic Education as Effective Weapon against Terrorism - "There is no alternative to open borders' 34

Uses and Abuses of Mathematics - Robert May 35

Alberto Rios Poem 39

The Dew Generation: Exploration in Identity and Social Activism - S. W. Renshaw and J.R. Woodward 40

Nicholas Roerick and the Chintamani Stone - M.A. Pinkham 43

A Call for World Peace, Based on Universal Spirituality, Hope, and Love - Fahri Karakas 45

Introductory Science & Mathematics For The 21st Century Biologists - W. Bialek and D. Botstein 47

Can Unity Be Achieved Through Making A Difference – T. M.Srinivasan 51

Death: The Great Examination - Swami Jyotirmayananda 55

Legal Humanities The Voting Difference, Leonard R. Sussman 59

Discourse on Chinese Law, Individual Differences and Women's Rights, - Joan Boyle 60

May Joseph’s Nomadic Identities: The Performance of Citizenship - B. Cook 64

Visa Reform; It Takes a Village to Create a Full Professor; Wisdom of Solomon 70

Social Security at 70; Mr. President: Its Another Call; Dalai Lama Speaks of Peace 72

Stealing Wisdom, Stealing Seeds: The Neem Tree Of India Becomes A Symbol Of Corporate Greed - V. Shiva 73

Family Medical Leave, FMLA-1963 74

Medical Humanities

Spring Cleaning from the Inside-Out - Shannon Mooney 76

Myths and Facts About Disabilities - Steve Garcia 78

Coconut Oil, Education for All - Linda Andrews 79

From Avocados to Yogurt: 15 Super Foods For Super Health 81

Planetary Energies, Interconnections and Healing - Jack Engstrom; Russian Parliament and Indian Painting Exhibit 83

Another Piece of the Heart-Disease Puzzle 86

Study: Dogs can sniff cancer; Utrasound A Great Way to Look at the Heart P. Quigley/P. Eldridge 90

Lymphedema, An Underestimated Complication Getting Respect - Catherine Grillo; Walking Might Keep Mind Sharp 92

Artistic Creativity and the Brain - Semir Zeki 95

Care Under Threat in the Modern World; Philosophical and Ethical Issues - P. Nolan 97

Book Reviews 100

A Violent God-Image: Ant Introduction to the Work of Eugene Drewermann; Roads to Reconcilation; Art; Creativity and Sacred; The Kneeling Nun; Japanse Garden Gateway to the Human Spirit; God Gene: How God is Hardwired into our Genes; Beyond the Human Species: The Life and Work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; Ayurveda And Marma Theory: Energy Points in Yogic Healing; Science, Soul and the Spirit of Nature; Biogeneology: Decoding of Pyschic Roosts of Illness; Audio Book Edition of Autobiography of a Yogi; Yoga's Forgotten Foundation: Twenty Timeless Keys to Your Divine Destiny; Violence and Belonging: The Quest for Identity in Post-Colonial Africa; 110

List of IJHP Annual Publications; Hatha Yoga – Locust Pose – (Salabha Asana) – Swami Jyotirmayananda (inside cover) On the Seashore (Poem) Rabindranath Tagore – (outside back cover)